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Why Bonjour Baby!?

A personal sommelier service. Wines for every occasion delivered straight to your home or office.

Whatever the occasion, Bonjour Baby! will tailor a choice of great wines to match your vibe, guests and budget. I specialise in finding you the most interesting and best value wines from all over the world.

What you get with Bonjour Baby!

Whether it’s for friends, family, your boss or just something refreshing at the end of a long day, I will help you match that occasion with the perfect wine to turn it into an event to really relish.

It’s the same reason why that bottle of rosé tastes so good by the beach in France, the same wine can taste great in a restaurant but loses its zing when you try it again at home, or why champagne is just the best thing to drink at a celebration, the right wine tastes better if it fits the occasion, and the occasion is better because of it.

It’s not a new idea but it’s an important one that wine lovers don’t spend enough time considering.

Wines to help your partner remember why she fell in love with you, wines to impress your boss with, wines to dance to, wines to drink with pizza in front of the telly.

Whether your mother-in-law is coming for dinner or you’re arranging a wedding, a picnic in the park or a gift for your very best friend, I can help you choose the perfect bottle which will not only taste great but also make the occasion even more special.

Whether it’s because you want to understand why you like what you like, or because you enjoy sharing your thoughts and ideas, or you’re just curious to learn more, my aim is to help to communicate the reasons why wines taste the way they do.

I supply notes detailing where the wines are from, their history, who made them, what they taste like and more importantly, why they taste like that. Factors that affect the style of the wine and how to spot other wines that may be similar.

My hope is that with more information about why a wine tastes the way it does wine lovers will be empowered to share their views with others and discover new and exciting wines which they are likely to appreciate and enjoy.

I also organise tasting events either in your home or your office. We can taste through a range of wines to discover their stylistic similarities and differences, understanding how climate and winemaking affects how the wines taste and discussing what we think they taste of (freshly picked boysenberry anyone?)!

Whether you are interested in finding out more about a region or grape variety or just want to have a fun experience, I can tailor a tasting experience just for you which will be both informative and entertaining.

I believe exceptional service is the single most important factor in running any business. I want my clients to trust that they will get excellent wine at a good price delivered on time and without any fuss or bullshit. And hopefully that will make them want to come back for more.

My aim is to help you choose interesting, high-quality wines in a fun and down-to-earth manner. No pompous winespeak here. Every wine I supply is tailored to you. And because I buy to order I don’t have stock I need to shift so you will never be offered anything which I don’t believe is absolutely right for the occasion or is in any way past its best.

No fillers, no sales spiel just the right wine every time.

Sourced from every available wine supplier in the country you are not restricted to any particular range or style of wines. I will find you whatever you need whether it’s an old favourite, something you’ve never tried before or an anniversary bottle.

Why not start a tasting case club with your friends? I can also source those hard-to-find wines you may have tried while travelling or on holiday which don’t seem to be available at your local supermarket or wine shop. Just ask!

Who Is Bonjour Baby!?

Christopher Watts

Hi! Bonjour Baby! is me, Christopher Watts, a passionate, award-winning wine professional, judge and educator.

With a background in film and theatre marketing my aim has always been to help guide people through the information soup to find what they will really enjoy and hopefully try something a bit different as well.

I believe a trusted recommendation is worth more than a clutch of impersonal reviews. And I hope to help you build a knowledge and understanding of wine which you can share with friends and have some fun along the way.

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